I’m Kirstin Hepburn, freelance graphic designer, digital artist, and children’s book author/illustrator.

I spent the early part of my career in marketing strategy, public relations, and event management. I then discovered my passion for graphic design and started my own business, Jacaranda Marketing + Design in 2012.

Over the last decade, I’ve had the privilege of working with a wide variety of clients in the public and private sectors, from start-ups to established corporations. During the pandemic, I dived into digital illlustration as an additional service for my clients. I then took some children’s book illustration and business classes through Lilla Rogers’ highly successful program: Make Art That Sells. Most recently, I’ve written and illustrated two children’s book with another to be completed in late 2024.

I am seeking representation by a literary agent specializing in children’s books, as well as for editorial illustration work and art licensing. My ideal agent would be one who is open to unique, different perspectives, and characters and stories that deal with LGBTQ+ and/or neurodivergent identities.

My Children’s Books

I was contracted by the Asian Arts & Culture Society to create a series of books for children in the age 5-8 category exploring themes of multiculturalism and belonging using dumplings from different cultures. All characters, concepts, writing, and artwork were created by me.

Be You, Mandu!

A dumpling at a potluck thinks he’s less than all the rest,
But soon he learns that being himself truly is the best!

At a school multicultural day, a Korean Mandu tries to fit in with everyone else. But with a little help from some dumpling pals, he learns to embrace his differences and be his proud, unique self!

This book was self-published by the Asian Arts & Culture Society in 2023.

The Lost Dumpling

A scared little dumpling lost and all alone…
What adventures might await along the journey home?

At a busy summer festival, a little dumpling gets lost! Join the little dumpling as they meet new friends who help them realize that our differences make us special and bring us together.

This book was self-published by the Asian Arts & Culture Society in 2022.

My Book Pitch: A Kid Called Pip

I have written a new children’s story that centres a non-binary child. I’ve completed several illustrations to accompany the story and hope to complete the full book dummy by mid-2024. My hope is to have this book picked up and published as I believe it is an important story to tell for the 5-8 year age group.

Please email me at hello(at)kirstinhepburn.com

I look forward to hearing from you!